Neil Chen

Currently @ CML. Previously Goldman Sachs, Qualcomm.

Flushing, NYC

CS @ Columbia University

Depression and anxiety are treatable.

I am a CA for Humanoid Robots with Jingxi Xu.

GitHub, LinkedIn, and Email.


WERM, a soft search-and-rescue robot, with Cesar Ibarra, Nick Liu.

CodePhil: Jiwon Park, Sang Jun Park, Cesar Ibarra, Chelsy Wu, and more

Artificial muscle behavior modelling with the Creative Machines Lab under Hod Lipson.

DenseNet data augmentation over CIFAR-100 with Roop Pal and Oscar Chang

High-voltage digital microfluidics droplet tracking via CV for HealthHacks 2017. (Honorable mention)

Realtime Twitter streaming and analysis in partnership with 1st Information Operations, US Army.

Posture correction with deep learning at HackMobile, Qualcomm's intern hackathon, with Adit Deshpande.

Visualizing search/sort algorithms with robots, featured in Columbia Engineering with Gilad Penn. (1st place)

Scanning books automatically with robots, with Gilad Penn at HackMIT. (2nd place)

T-shirt shooting robot, featured at Maker Faire with Jan Pazhayampallil. (16-page build log available here)


Execution Algorithms with Sian Lee Kitt, on benchmarks and execution strategies in equities markets.

Data Structures for Interviews with Yefri Gaitan - thanks to Raymond Xu.

heckell. A programming language for expressing algorithms in set notation.

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning. A survey of the state of RL, modeled after Kai-Zhan Lee's DL talk.

20/20: A Decentralized Voting Platform. I didn't build this tool, but worked on their slides.

Foresighted Navigation Through Cluttered Environments. A review of optimized robot navigation algorithms.

Principles for CS. Advice on, and overview of, the Columbia CS curriculum.

Towards Autonomous Warehousing and Delivery. A ROS implementation of various human-robot interfaces.

DevFest 2017. Kickoff talk for Columbia's premier student hackathon.

Hardware for Everyone. Basic hardware hacking intro.

Jumpstarting Aspiring Developers and Entrepreneurs. An intensive webdev/entrepreneurship bootcamp I taught.

Intro to JQuery. Hands-on introduction to the most widely deployed JavaScript library in the world.