I'm Neil Chen, a Java/Python dev in NYC. I like cars, cooking, programming, robotics, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You can find me on GitHub.


Details missing from Hyperdrive, Netflix's drifting competition.

Analyzing my diary with Python to understand my mood.


heckell, a programming language for expressing algorithms in set notation

Bin-picking & manipulation for the FetchIt Challenge

Artificial muscle behavior modelling with the Creative Machines Lab under Hod Lipson.

Visualizing search/sort algorithms with robots, with Gilad Penn

Scanning books automatically with robots, with Gilad Penn at HackMIT.

T-shirt shooting robot, featured at Maker Faire with Jan Pazhayampallil. (Build log)


For audience reference:

Intro to Machine Learning for Team 2601.

Execution Algorithms with Sian Lee Kitt on benchmarks and execution strategies in equities markets.

Foresighted Navigation Through Cluttered Environments. A review of optimized robot navigation algorithms.

Towards Autonomous Warehousing and Delivery. A ROS implementation of various human-robot interfaces.