Overview of the FIX messaging protocol


FIX (Financial Information Exchange) is a protocol for securities-related communication. FIX specifies a presentation- and application-layer protocol: it dictates how messages can be encoded, and what their contents can be. In many use cases FIX is like the electronic version of the open outcry and post-it note passing of trading prior to electronification: it handles messaging between traders, exchanges, custodians, clearinghouses, and the other entities involved in securities markets.

An example

Here’s an example of how people use FIX: you, a registered representative at $INVESTMENT_FIRM, want to place a trade in AAPL. You open a ticket in your trading platform; then you enter a quantity, side, a few other parameters, and hit SUBMIT.

Your trading platform sends a FIX message to $BROKERDEALER:

# TODO clean this up
8=FIX.4.4 | 9=148 | 35=D | 34=1080 | 49=TESTBUY1 | 52=20180920-18:14:19.508 | 56=TESTSELL1 | 11=63673064027889863415=USD21=2 | 38=7000 | 40=1 | 54=1 | 55=AAPL | 60=20180920-18:14:19.492 | 10=092 |

This is a plaintext ASCII message. Your trading platform sends it over TCP/IP to a FIX server in $BROKERDEALER’s server farm in New Jersey. The message encodes all the relevant information about this buy order in tag-value format: a tag is a specific field in the FIX schema, and a value is whatever value your trading platform assigned to that tag. For example,

This message format is sufficient for most use cases, but sometimes ASCII-encoded and pipe-delimited messages are often too heavy. At the presentation-layer there are other ways to encode FIX messages (e.g. Simple Binary Encoding). Regardless of encoding, the FIX protocol assumes ordered delivery of messages – that is, $BROKERDEALER’s FIX server assumes it will receive messages in the order that $INVESTMENT_FIRM’s trading platform sent them.

Establishing & maintaining a connection

Some things have to happen so that you, registered representative at $INVESTMENT_FIRM, can hit SUBMIT in trading platform and expect an order to be placed. Sometime early in the morning, your trading platform probably initiated a FIX session with $BROKERDEALER’s FIX server by sending a Logon(A) message:


Tag HeartBtInt(108) specifies the interval, in seconds, between heartbeat messages.

The full trade processing lifecycle